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Quality Objectives

Achieve our business needs in accordance with SEH Corporate directives and QMS standard.

Continuous improvement

Empower employees to be responsible for quality

Work with our customers and suppliers to achieve reliable quality products and services

Mission Statement

It is the mission of SEH Europe Ltd to be recognised by our present and potential Customers as the supplier most able to ensure that their requirements (stated or implied) are consistently met and, where possible, exceeded.
SEH-E aims to develop and maintain a position of being the undisputed leader in the European market place using a process approach in key areas of unrivalled technology, quality, delivery, cost, safety, environment and ethics results while maintaining a stable relationship with all our customers and other interested parties.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of SEH Europe Limited to:

  • Manufacture and supply Silicon wafers (Polished and Epitaxial 150mm ~ 200mm Diameter) to meet customer, legal, regulatory and other interested parties’ applicable requirements with our goal being ZERO defects.
  • Ensure that customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently met whilst enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure the risks and opportunities that can affect conformity of Silicon wafers products are determined and addressed

This is to be achieved by policies focused on 7 pillars defined in the table below:

Pillar Policy
Customer Focus
  • Provide consistently high levels of customer satisfaction to be measured regularly and findings acted upon to enhance satisfaction.
  • Shall be accountable ensuring the Quality Policy, Objectives and Systems are aligned with the strategic direction of SEH Europe Ltd that are fully effective and achieve intended results.
  • Shall integrate the quality management system requirements into SEH Europe Limited business processes.
  • Shall promote the use of the process approach and risk based thinking.
  • Shall ensure resources needed for the quality management system and its processes.
  • Shall communicate the importance of effective quality management systems and the need for conformance to said systems.
  • Shall engage, direct, support and provide leadership to all employees across the organisation and within their areas of direct responsibility to contribute toward the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Shall promote improvement across the quality management system, products, processes and pillars of this Quality policy.
Engagement of People
  • To have all employees highly motivated and actively involved in continual improvement and contributing to the achievements of company objectives.
Process Approach
  • Establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.
  • Continually improving our management and manufacturing processes to enhance our product and service using appropriate planned data sources.
Evidence based decision making
  • Shall plan and implement the monitoring, measurement, analysis of the quality management systems, manufacturing processes and product ensuring action based on the analysis of data.
Relationship Management
  • Work with our Customers and help them to develop effective and efficient solutions for Silicon wafer applications.
  • Work with Suppliers to improve alignment with SEH Europe Limited Quality objectives and strategic direction.
  • Work with Other identified interested parties to ensure where all defined requirements are being managed systematically.


Download our Quality Policy.

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